API design and development

API developer featured image

API developer featured image

As a developer in Deltagon I designed and developed couple of different REST APIs. All those cases were slightly different but shared one thing. I had to gather information about a problem we were actually trying to solve. I did it by asking the question “What is our problem or what kind of pains you have” from different stakeholders. I was a project manager in problem defining part. I planned, organized and leaded design sessions with our top of the line partners and clients. Real work started after the actual problem was defined. I designed also the technical part and started coding the APIs. With SCIM API I also had to ask help from other developers and we worked as a team when implementing the API.

List of the REST APIs which I have designed and developed that are now in production use:

  • SCIM (RFC 7644) API to manage provisioning via API for one of the Deltagon’s product
  • External API which let to fetch some basic data about products
  • Billing API which makes it possible to monitor billing related informationt from all Deltagon’s customers

APIs were built with Perl and MariaDB.

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