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Two years ago I started working as a full-time Software Engineer in finnish Cyber security company Deltagon. After couple of months our CEO pointed that we should develope solutions for digital signatures. I was very excited about the task and we started working with it immediately. I had lucky that I have just started workin in Deltagon when the company decide that new product should be done.

Today is 14.9.2017 and I am very proud of what we have made. We released digital signature solution called secSigned 29.9.2017. I was one of the key developers during the whole process from start to this point. I was also honored to be the one who introduced the solution for our key partners/customers.

secSigned makes it possible to easily get signatures for any type of documents. It is possible to sign documents by hand using touchscreen or with strong electronic authentication for example bank identifiers. The solution brings three different interfaces for starting the process: email API, responsive web interface and XML API. After the process has been started signers will get email invitations to sign the documents. The signing happens via tls capable web browser in responsive user interface which makes it easy to use with any type of device.

My main responsibilities as a developer were:

  • design and code frontend and backend for the webinterface
  • build statistics for admins
  • design and code various small features

If you like to read more about secSigned please go to read these post from Deltagon’s blog:

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