Threat news


This post is part of Petri Hirvonen`s course: Security.


Explore news regarding to security. Find one headline to each category listed below (not older than six months).

  1. Scams, social hacking
  2. Physical attacks
  3. Network, the use of threats (phishing)
  4. Denial-of-service attack

Social hacking

Hackers were able to catch millions of snapchat accounts. The anonymous hackers said: “We used an exploit created by recent changes to the app, which lets users share photos or short videos that disappear after a few seconds.”

Physical attacks

Atleast one person entered to Metcalfs substation and cut fiber cables. After that one or more gunmen opened fire on the substation for nearly 20 minutes. During that someone stole 17 transformers and then slipped away before police showed up.

Network, the use of threaths (phishing)

Writer got an email related to his Apple-ID. Sender is telling that there has been made changes to your accounts Credit Card information and asks for confirmation. Turns out that message is not from Apple. Just another hacker trying to get your personal information.

Denial -of-service attack

Hackers were able to conquer more than 162000 WordPress powered sites and use them to denial of service attack against another Web site.



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